Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Making the Set...

I have just finished making the set for my final project. I have made a simple house out of cardboard in which I wish to composite myself into using green screen footage. I hope to achieve a quite comical, quirky effect. I am still considering whether to use real-time footage in the scene, or to speed it up to create a humorous feel.
This is the house I have created as a background for the piece:

After photographing the house, I have had a quick go at editing it in After Effects to get a rough idea of what I envisage the final piece to be like:

I would like to add various assets digitally (i.e. garage door, main door, background) to create that contrast between reality and an imaginary world. In reflection I will probably photograph the house in front of a green screen background so that I can just key out the background colour for a neater result; trying to erase the inside of the windows was very time consuming and does not result in a clean effect...hence only one of them is finished!

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