Sunday, 27 February 2011

Experimentation for final project

Over the weekend I booked out a Sony Z1 camera, a reflect media kit and a set of dedo lights. The reason for this was to experiment with some ideas I would like to incorporate into my final project.

The idea for my final project: The purpose of the project is to create a short film about yourself using the green screen equipment. I have decided to create a miniature cardboard environment (e.g. house, car etc) and portray my life using the cardboard props. I aim to film myself in front of the green screen, key out the background, then layer the moving images over the cardboard background hence creating a miniature world.

I used a friend to experiment with some of the shots I wish to show in my final film. These include driving a car, using more than one vision on myself in the same picture, and changing the background. I am going to experiment with editing this footage so that I can figure out problem areas and see whether the effect works before filming the final version. 

I was surprised at how large the reflect media screen was. This was useful as it mean means that I could get quite a lot of the body into the shot.

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