Thursday, 17 February 2011

Practical Set-Up

Once down at the CIF studio, we were able to have a go at setting up the equipment. We used a sony-Z1 camera to film the footage and followed the 3-point lighting rule using dedo's. We learnt that it was extremely important to separate the subject from the background with a backlight when when green screening, as this acts as a separation border between the foreground and background. If this was not done properly you may find the subject to have a greenish tint to to their outline once the screen has been keyed out.

We used a Reflect Media Kit (above) when filming the footage. It was interesting to learn that green screen footage can be produced with either green, blue or silver screens. Using the silver screen, a green ring of lights is fitted to the camera lens - once played back this footage gives the same effect as something that has been filmed in front of a typical green screen and can be keyed out easily.

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